Amplified Telephones

Shop Amplified Telephones for the Hard of Hearing

Amplified telephones make phone calls much easier for the elderly, the hard of hearing and the visually impaired. They feature ringers and receivers which are much louder than standard telephones, making voices much easier to hear when on a call and large, high-contrast buttons which are much easier to see and press. Some models feature adjustable volumes, allowing you to find the best-suited volume for you. There are also quick and easy speed dial functions, often with customisable photo buttons to help you easily remember which contact button is which. Navigate below to shop telephones for the hard of hearing and find the best model for you.

Who are Amplified Telephones for?

Amplified telephones are much louder than standard phones which makes them ideal for the elderly, and the hard of hearing. They also feature larger, clearer buttons which are much easier to see and press, allowing for more accessible use by the visually impaired as well as people who suffer from arthritis and struggle with wrist strength.

Types of Amplified Telephones

Wired Amplified Telephones

Most amplified telephones are corded and replace your landline phone unit. They feature large, high-contrast buttons which are easier to see and press than standard telephone buttons, as well as simple speed dial buttons which you can put photos into to easily remember which button is assigned to each contact. Some models also feature an indicator light which flashes whenever it receives an incoming call.

Docked Wireless Amplified Telephones

Wireless amplified telephones feature the same loud receiver and ringers and large, clear buttons as corded amplified telephones. The difference with these models is simply that you can take them away from the base unit and use them more comfortably. If they come with multiple receivers, you can place them around the home to always have quick access to the phone.

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