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Road Scooters are the fastest, largest, and often the sturdiest models of Mobility Scooter. They boast top speeds of 6 to 8mph and some can be limited to 4mph, quickly and easily transforming it into a Pavement Scooter with the flick of a switch making it eligible to be driven indoors. Some of these models also feature canopies and side-panels that enable you to leave the house no matter what the British weather throws at you. These scooters are applicable for VAT relief, so we have priced each scooter respectively excluding VAT.

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What are Class 3 Road Scooters?

Road Scooters are electric mobility scooters that can switch between top speed settings of 6 to 8mph to be used on roads and 4mph to be used on pavements and other pedestrian areas, they are also known as class 3 mobility scooters. It’s this versatile design which lets them offer more areas of accessibility to scooter drivers. They are larger and more powerful than Pavement Scooters with longer range and higher speed capabilities.

Who are Road Scooters for?

These Scooters make road routes accessible for people who have difficulties with walking, especially long distances. With battery power that allows for 20 to 34 mile ranges, these models are ideal for people who want to travel longer journeys. Road Scooters may also be perfectly suited to people without access to a car or bus route, as they can make the once difficult trip to the shops a convenient and easy one.

What to consider when choosing a Road Scooter for an Elderly Relative

Class 3 mobility scooters are the biggest and bulkiest of the mobility scooters, so they will need adequate parking space at home. Be sure to check each scooter’s dimensions to be sure that you have enough home storage space for each model that you compare.

You can be fully protected from the weather by adding canopies and side-panels to some Road Scooters or, alternatively, Scooter Covers are available which also protect the scooter from the elements when it’s not in use.

Top speed and places of use are important areas to consider. These scooters are the only models that can reach top speeds of over 4mph, which is perfect for people that want to drive them on the road but could be a little too fast for others. Consider your local road conditions as well, be sure they are suitable for the scooter model that you would like. The size and speed can also sometimes mean that you won’t be able to drive them indoors – make sure to check this when buying.

Similarly to Pavement Scooters, different class 3 mobility scooters’ models have varying weight capacities. They are more robust than Pavement Scooters, so they are usually able to accommodate higher weights, but just be sure that the scooter will be able to support you and any items you take on-board.

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