Folding Wheelchairs

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Folding wheelchairs fold to a compact size to allow for convenient storage and transport; some even fold into a carry bag supplied with the chair. There are self-propelled or assisted collapsible wheelchairs available, both of which are suitable for outdoor and indoor use. Extra features include adjustable and removable footrests for comfort, armrests which allow room for sitting at tables and parking brakes for added safety. Navigate below to find the folding wheelchair best suited to your needs.

How do Folding Wheelchairs work?

Folding wheelchairs fold to a compact size when you stand in front of them and either pull the seat up from the top or push the seat up from the underside. The seat and backrest will fold in half and the wheels will move closer together. Some models feature removable or foldable back and seat cushions too.

Types of Folding Wheelchair

Self Propelled

Whilst they may include handles which allows the chair to be pushed, self propelled wheelchairs feature large rear wheels with hand rims which lets the user spin the wheels and manoeuvre the chair themselves. 

Attendant Propelled

Assisted wheelchairs are propelled by attendants instead of the wheelchair user. They are designed for people with limited mobility and feature long brakes for the user and cable brakes for the attendant.

What to consider when choosing Folding Wheelchairs?

Folding wheelchairs have weight capacities between 110kg to 120kg and overall weights which range from 8.6kg to 20kg. Be sure to choose the right portable wheelchair for you and that you will be able to lift and carry the wheelchair if you need to. Each model varies in size as well, so consider the space you have to store or transport the wheelchair in.

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