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Home monitoring devices monitor and detect changes in routine or environment, such as not getting up at a normal time, and alert family members to this change. They can be used instead of or in combination with a personal alarm to create a safer environment for older relatives and reassurance for family members who can’t always be there. Navigate below to find the best home monitoring devices for you.

Who are Home Monitoring Devices for?

Home monitoring devices are ideal for elderly relatives who live alone and their loved ones who are looking for peace of mind but who don’t want the intrusion and potential discomfort of a wearable pendant alarm. 

Do I need a Home Monitoring Device?

If you are worried about an elderly family member who lives alone or is susceptible to accidents, home monitoring devices will help to create a picture of their normal daily routine, allowing you to make sure they have got up in the morning, or see if they’ve left the front door open, and alert you if something is amiss with their routine. Some sensors will also detect changes in temperature, so if your loved one forgets to turn on the heating, you will be alerted, allowing you to remind them.

“I’m worried about my privacy with a Home Monitoring Device”

This is a completely rational worry, the idea of adding sensors to your home to monitor you can be quite an uncomfortable one. The first thing to note is that unless you specifically choose one with cameras, there are no cameras including in home monitoring packages – they only use movement detecting sensors – like burglar alarms. Home monitoring devices have extremely strict privacy policies in place and will only ever be able to access activity data when something is reported as abnormal, keeping them as discreet as possible. The positive side of these devices; loved ones are able to live independently and safely for as long as possible. You may also choose to see it as less intrusive or overbearing when compared to a helper who comes round every day or a wearable personal alarm.

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