Raised Toilet Seats

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Raised Toilet Seats greatly improve access for the elderly and people who have difficulties with bending down to use the toilet. They help with maintaining independence, provide safe support by reducing the risk of slips and falls and raise the toilet seat height, reducing the distance you need to bend down further when using the toilet. Most raised toilet seats fix via tightening fixings and non-slip rubber pads, with some, such as the padded cushion seats, attaching via hook and loop fastenings.

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What types of Raised Toilet Seats are available?

Standard Raised Toilet Seats

Standard raised toilet seats are made from plastic and contoured to a comfortable shape. Most raised toilet seats feature a folding lid, enabling it to completely replace your original toilet seat and some simply fasten to and fit over standard toilets without needing to remove the old seat. These seats also feature a cut-out section at the front, offering easy access for personal cleansing.

Cushioned Toilet Seat Raisers

Cushioned Toilet Seat Raisers are padded with dense foam for comfort and are shaped to fit standard toilets to elevate the seat and improve accessibility. These raisers attach to the toilet via hook and loop fastenings and feature wipe-clean, zipped covers which are waterproof and easy to remove. As they are made from softer material, cushioned toilet seat raisers are much more focused on comfort than the standard raised toilet seats which offer more secure support. The cushions relieve pressure points, making them ideal for people with pressure sores or sensitive skin.

Raised Toilet Seats with Handles

Raised toilet seats with handles fit over standard toilets without needing to remove the original seat. They are moulded seats which feature armrests for comfort and balance during use, making them a little more accessible than standard raised toilet seats. The handles allow users to gently lower themselves onto the seat and to push themselves up afterwards, reducing the risks of slips and falls.

Who are Raised Toilet Seats for?

Raised Toilet Seats are ideal for the elderly and for people who have difficulties with toilet accessibility. People with limited mobility or balance can greatly benefit from raised toilet seats because they eliminate the need to bend down to access low toilets. For this reason, they can also be great for people recovering from surgery.

What to consider when choosing Raised Toilet Seats

Raised Toilet Seats come in multiple sizes and weight capacities, so you must be sure that your chosen seat will fit your current toilet. Consider the material that suits you best – would you prefer more solid support from plastic seats or perhaps the padded comfort of cushioned raisers is better suited to you? Similarly to the overall size of the seat, consider how much height you require the seats to raise to become more accessible for you.

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