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Mobility Scooter Covers provide protection from the elements and allow the scooters to have a much longer life. Mobility Scooters, especially those that are stored outdoors, can wear quicker when exposed to weather. Rain, wind, frost or even sun can damage scooters, so it’s important to protect them and keep them in top working condition. Made from weather-resistant materials, and available in a wide range of sizes, these covers protect scooters from the elements by securely fitting around them, the seats or the control panels. Not only do they protect the scooters, the covers also keep them clean while elasticated edges and strong fasteners make the covers easy to put on and take off.

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What are Mobility Scooter Covers?

Mobility Scooter Covers protect the vehicles to reduce maintenance needs and extend scooter lifespan. With scooters that don’t dismantle or fold down, indoor storage can be difficult. Mobility Scooter Covers allow for outdoor storage by protecting the scooter from the elements. Made from waterproof materials with sturdy wind-resistant frames, elasticated edges, buckle underties or Velcro fastenings, scooters can be parked and protected anywhere and preserved for longer. There are also specialist covers that protect specific parts of the scooter such as seat covers that keep the scooter seat dry and control panel covers that protect the electronics from rainwater.

Types of Covers for Mobility Scooters

Scooter Covers

These secure the entire scooter under shelter when not in use. Elasticated sides and secure fastenings keep the cover in place in windy conditions and there is a wide dimension range allowing for different scooter sizes. The main categories of cover are Standard and Heavy Duty specifications. Standard sizes and materials are cheaper and cover the basics of waterproof protection, while Heavy Duty covers offer a little bit extra with features like being made from hard-wearing material, UV protection or sturdier underties.

Seat Covers

Sometimes, it’s only the seat that riders want to keep dry. Seat Covers do exactly that with elasticated bases and straps that fasten around scooter seats to keep them dry and dirt-free. They are usually made from waterproof nylon with a PVC coating for added protection and fit scooter seats with and without headrests. These covers are much more portable than full scooter covers so they can easily be taken along on journeys and attached when required, which is especially useful in the often unpredictable UK weather!

Tiller Covers

These are perfect for keeping the electronics of tiller control panels and your hands dry; even while the scooter is in use as the controls are visible through the transparent panel. Tiller Covers wrap around the scooter controls with elasticated edges and fasteners to prevent water from getting in. They are nicely portable and can be matched with a Seat Cover to keep the two main points of user contact clean and dry.

Choosing the right Mobility Scooter Cover for an Elderly Relative

There are many types of Mobility Scooter Cover and many brand options within each type, so it’s important to assess your needs when choosing the right cover for you. The most important thing to consider when choosing a full scooter cover is the dimensions. The cover needs to be the right size to fit your scooter and, though some are universal, some covers are available in several size options.

Prices must also be considered as some cover models are more expensive than others. This usually means they offer extra features such as heavy duty material, folding frames or stretch- fit technology.

Consider your home environment too. Storage options and weather conditions are important things to take into consideration when choosing Scooter Covers. If the scooter will be parked outside in rainy conditions, then a fully waterproof cover is the one for you. However, if the scooter will be stored in a shed or under shelter, a non-waterproof but breathable cover, like StretchTec, that protects against damage or condensation build-up may be what you need.

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