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Walking frames, or zimmer frames, are lightweight and manoeuvrable aids to provide you with extra stability and balance while walking. Contoured handlebars help you to maintain a secure grip when walking as well as stability when standing from a seated position. Walking frames feature adjustable heights to enable anyone to use them, non-slip rubber ferrules for grip and some frames even fold away, allowing for simple and convenient storage or transport. Navigate below to find the walking frames best suited to your needs.

Who are Walking Frames for?

Walking frames, commonly known as Zimmer frames, are for anyone who could benefit from a little extra support when walking. They provide more support than walking sticks and crutches, and save weight and price compared to rollators as they don’t have brakes or seats.

Types of Walking Frame

Standard Walking Frames

Standard frames are the simplest model of walking frame and feature 4 non-slip, ferruled legs which provide sturdy support and balance. These types of frame are best suited to indoor use and there are narrow models available for even more manoeuvrability in and around your home. Some models fold down to a compact size to be stored away or transported conveniently.

Walking Frames with wheels

Walking Frames with 2 front wheels are easier to push along than standard frames and do not need lifting with each step. Wheeled frames are better suited for outdoor use and can come to a stable stop thanks to the non-slip rubber ferrules of the 2 back legs.

Forearm Walking Frames

Forearm walking frames are perfect for people who struggle with arthritis or wrist strength. These frames feature cushioned armrests which take your weight to relieve strain on your hands and wrists which you may experience with standard and wheeled frames.

What to consider when choosing Zimmer Frames

When choosing walking frames, there are a few things you may want to consider in order to meet your needs. Frames come in many shapes and sizes, so be sure to choose a model with the right height for you. Consider where you are going to use your walking frame most, frames without wheels are better for indoor use, whereas frames with wheels are better for outdoor use. If you need the frame to be stored or transported, consider a model which folds down to a compact size. Check the frame weight and weight capacity too, be sure that your chosen model has the right specifications for you.

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