Bedroom Aids

Shop across a range of Bedroom Aids for the elderly

Bedroom Aids can help make being in bed and sleeping a more comfortable experience. Overbed tables make eating or reading easier. There are Profiling Mattresses which fit and adjust with a Profiling Beds and redistribute pressure as you lay on them, Grab Rails which support you when repositioning or getting into and out of bed and Washable Mattress Protectors which absorb liquids, reduce odours and protect against incontinence.

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What Bedroom Aids are available?

Overbed Tables 

Overbed Tables provide a flat and stable surface directly over the bed, in-front of someone lying in it. This can be invaluable to people who are bed-bound or who are taking meals in bed for a short time. However, they can also be useful to anyone who likes reading on a flat surface, or doing the crossword in bed. 

Profiling Mattresses 

Profiling Mattresses have been designed to bend and fold around Profiling Bed frames. They are often made from waterproof and breathable fabric and foam which redistributes pressure for maximum user comfort when lying down. They can be used on any supporting bed frame but they are best suited to the Profiling Beds, where you can adjust the height controls of the head, lumbar and leg sections of the bed frame.

Grab Rails

Grab Rails assist users when re-positioning or getting into and out of bed. The handle’s base secures underneath the mattress and reduces movement with non-slip collars which makes them suitable for beds supported by slats and means you don’t have to worry about the rail slipping as it supports you.

Washable Mattress Protectors

Washable Mattress Protectors lay underneath the bed sheets and provide absorbent protection from incontinence and also reduce odours. They feature a waterproof backing which locks the absorbed liquids in to protect the mattress from leakages.

Pillow Lifters

Electric Pillow Lifters are mains powered rising aids which help users comfortably sit up in bed or get up out of bed. They can be raised from flat to an 85° angle and can be left in place all night thanks to the tapered foam mattress. The lifter is operated by a simple two button hand control.

Who are Bedroom Aids For?

Bedroom Aids improve the comfort and accessibility of your bed, so they can be for anyone. The Profiling Mattresses redistribute pressure which helps to alleviate aches and pains caused by ailments such as Arthritis. Grab Rails greatly improve safety and mobility if you have difficulties getting into or out of bed, or repositioning once in bed and Washable Mattress Protectors allow you to sleep soundly with discreet reassurance.

What to consider when choosing Bedroom Aids

There is a little less variation between Bed Accessories than there is for Chair Accessories, so there are less things to consider before you buy. Mattress and Grab Rails have weight capacity limits for them to work effectively, so be sure that you choose the right product for your needs. You should also be sure that your chosen Profiling Mattress fits the bed frame that you are buying it for.