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Shop Bathing Accessories & Aids for the elderly

Bathing Accessories can greatly improve accessibility for the elderly or for people who suffer from mobility difficulties. There are Bath Steps which make getting into and out of the bath much easier, non-slip mats which improve grip and safety in the bath or shower, long-handled sponges which allow you to clean those hard to reach places and bidets which help with personal cleansing. Navigate below to shop the different types of Bath Accessories and find the bits and pieces that most suit your needs.

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What types of Bathing Accessories are available?

Bath Steps

Bath Steps make getting into or out of the bath much easier. They are completely waterproof and some feature wave designs which allow for extra grip and water drainage. There are Bath Steps which feature stackable steps, which lets you choose how high the step stands and some feature a tall handrail which helps to prevent slips and falls. Non-slip rubber pads and ferrules also help these steps stay in place.

Long-Handled Sponges

Long-Handled Sponges help you to wash those difficult to reach areas without bending or overstretching. The handles allow for grip even when hands are wet and feature loops on the ends to allow them to be hung at a convenient height in the bath or shower.

Bath Mats

Bath Mats feature suction pads which secure to the bath floor, providing a non-slip surface and improving safety. They are made from rubber with a ribbed surface and feature drainage holes to reduce the risk of slips in the bath.


Bidets are bowls designed for personal cleansing after using the toilet. Standard bidets fit on any existing toilet pans without the need for fixings and some models feature retractable nozzles, temperature controlled water flow and automatic self-cleaning mechanisms built in.

Who are Bathing Aids for?

Bathing Accessories are ideal for the elderly or for people who have accessibility difficulties in the bathroom. Getting that extra bit of help when washing can make all the difference and provide safe, discreet and dignified solutions for people who struggle with balance or mobility.

What to consider when choosing Bathing Accessories

There are different types of bath steps available, so consider which design best suits your needs. For bath mats, be sure you are choosing the right size to fit your bath or shower. When it comes to bidets, there are basic models or there are more advanced models with extra features such as retractable nozzles and pressure/temperature controlled water flow.

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