Bathroom Grab Rails

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Grab Rails attach to walls provide extra support when getting into or out of the bath, climbing steps or rising from a bed or chair. Some bathroom grab rails are fluted to ensure a safe grip even when wet and also include disc covers which conceal the fixing plates from view. Others use vacuum pads which lock to any smooth surface without the need for screws or adhesives. Navigate below to shop the different types of handrail or grab bar and find the best one for you.

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What types of Grab Rails are available?

Interior Bathroom Grab Rails

Shower Grab Rails are usually made from fluted plastic or stainless steel to prevent rust forming from use in wet conditions. There are different grab bar designs to suit a variety of interior decor styles and secure to the wall via fixing plates. There are also grab bars which secure to the side of the bath via rubber-lined clamps and a base plate which fixes to the floor to provide another type of support when using the bathroom facilities.

Weather Resistant Outdoor Grab Rails

Handrails designed for outdoor use provide extra support when climbing steps or using doors and ramps. They are fully weather-resistant and subtly coloured to blend in with outdoor surroundings, providing you with discreet reassurance and safety outside your home. Outdoor grab rails also feature slip-resistant rings to ensure a safe grip even when wet.

Suction Grab Rails

Suction Grab Rails feature vacuum pads at either end which lock on to any smooth surface without the need for fixings or adhesives. Safety-locks indicate when the rail is securely locked into place by displaying green and displays red when it is not secure. These grab rails are ideal for taking with you on holiday for support in places that may provide less accessibility.

Who are Grab Rails for?

Grab Rails are ideal for the elderly and for people who have difficulties with balance when using the bathroom facilities, climbing steps and crossing thresholds. Slips and falls are always a risk in bathrooms, so Grab Rails are there to provide safety and reassurance. You can use them as toilet rails as well, to assist with bending to and from the toilet.

What to consider when choosing Grab Rails

There are Grab Rails that are suited to interior or exterior use so consider where you want to fix the rail at home. There are also various styles of Grab Rail, so you are able to choose the one best suited to your interior decor. Some rails come in different sizes, so be sure to choose the best size that fits your space and which best suits your needs.

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