Mobility Furniture

Shop across a range of Mobility Furniture for the Elderly

Mobility Furniture for elderly relatives help provide comfortable support while sitting down in the living room or going to bed at night and so helping to maintain independence. There are two main types of seating aids that can help, Rise & Recline Chairs which raise to help you stand or gently lower you to a sitting position. And Profiling Beds which offer adjustable head, lumbar or leg heights which help improve circulation and ease pressure points. Navigate below to shop the different types of furniture and their accessories such as foam cushions, washable protectors and grab rails.

How can Mobility Furniture help the elderly?

Mobility Furniture Aids can be for anyone who would benefit from more support from their armchairs or beds, often someone who’s mobility is not what it used to be or who’s joints might need a little more help and support. Rise & Recline Chairs feature fully adjustable back and leg rests which allow for the easing of pressure points as well as a wide range of back-to-hip angles. Similarly, Profiling Beds offer adjustable comfort for people that are not supported by standard beds. There are also different accessories to choose from such as foam cushions and mattresses for people that require extra comfort from their beds or chairs, washable protectors to provide reassurance to people with continence difficulties and grab rails for people that require support getting into or out of bed.

Different types of Mobility Furniture & Accessories

Rise & Recline Chairs

Rise & Recline Chairs rise to meet you and gently lower you into a sitting position, reducing the transition from standing to sitting and lowering the strain on muscles and joints. When you’re ready to get up, they help you do so, all at the push of a button. They feature reclining backrests and raising leg rests for those who might like a little day-time nap and come in various styles and fabrics to suit your interior design at home. The listed chairs range from £135 up to around £1,072 with each made from different materials. Compare each chair’s features to be sure you buy the right option for you.

Profiling Beds

Profiling Beds feature independently adjustable head, lumbar and leg sections to improve blood circulation and ease pressure points. They can also help you get into and out of bed comfortably and safely by raising certain parts and decreasing the distance you have to move either way. There is a wide range of options when choosing one of these beds, each with their own features, with prices ranging from £440 to £10,495. At the lower end of the price range are standard profiling beds with basic adjustable settings, whereas the more expensive models may have unique features such as transforming into a rotating chair with re-programmable positions for improved support and even independently adjustable mattresses for couples.

Chair & Bed Accessories

Extra comfort and support can be added to your beds and chairs via a range of accessories. Foam Cushions reduce localised pressure and raise with the user to assist with standing. Profiling Mattresses are made from waterproof and breathable fabric and foam which redistributes pressure for maximum user comfort when lying down. Grab Rails assist users when repositioning or getting into and out of bed. Suitable for bed frames with slats, the handle’s base secures underneath the mattress and reduces movement with non-slip collars. There are washable Chair or Mattress Protectors which provide absorbent protection from incontinence and help reduce odours. Their waterproof backing offers added protection from leakages. There are also Furniture Raisers which increase the height of chairs or beds to make them more accessible.

What to consider when choosing Mobility Furniture

When it comes to the Rise & Recline Chairs and Profiling Beds, consider the overall size and weight capacity of each model to ensure you have the suitable space and requirements for them. Each chair model has unique features and is made from different materials to suit a variety of interior decor and user comfort. Some of the Profiling Beds are available in multiple sizes, so consider which of those sizes suit you most. Some chairs and beds can also be made to order and tailored to whatever size you need.