Reacher Grabbers

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Reacher Grabbers or pick-up reachers are ideal for the elderly and people with limited mobility or low wrist strength as they can pick things up for you without needing to bend or over-stretch. They work by squeezing the trigger at one end to open and close the jaws at the other, picking up objects with a secure grip. There are folding reachers which can be conveniently stored or transported and some feature automatic locking systems which hold the jaws tightly in place and release at the flick of the thumb. The jaws of reacher grabbers can usually rotate 90 degrees for use in those hard to reach areas. Navigate below to find the best reacher for your needs.

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Types of Reacher Grabbers

Standard Reacher Grabbers

Standard grabber sticks feature an ergonomic handle which makes reaching and grasping objects much easier for people who have difficulties with bending or with arm/hand mobility. Some sticks have hooks on their jaws to pull or push objects and can also make dressing much easier too.

Folding Reacher Grabbers

Folding reachers are lightweight and foldable to make for convenient storage or transport. When unfolded, they work just like standard reachers with an easy-use trigger and an automatic locking system which holds the jaws tightly around any object you pick up.

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