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Personal Alarms are devices for the elderly worn around the neck or wrist to summon help at the press of a button in the event of a fall or safety concern.

Connected to a call centre 24/7 there is a wide range available with different features for different needs.

Browse our personal alarms section and filter by the features you require: from simple one button alerts for those with limited mobility around the home, to features including inbuilt fall detectors, and mobile alarms worn to summon help further afield from home.

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Where do you want to use it? info Where do you want to use it? Some personal alarms are limited to work only in the home by nature of them connecting to a base unit plugged into the wall in the home. Others will work both inside and outside of the home as they use a SIM, like a mobile phone. +
Would you like automatic fall detection? info Would you like automatic fall detection? Fall Detection automatically detects when a fall has occurred and sets off the alarm so help can be called even if the wearer can't call themselves +
Would you like the option to wear the alarm around your wrist? info Would you like the option to wear the alarm around your wrist? Some people prefer to wear their alarm on their wrist like a watch +
How would you like the alarm to be monitored? info How would you like the alarm to be monitored? Personal Alarms can either be monitored by family members only, where the SOS call will go directly to them, or by a 24/7 monitoring centre that will pick up the SOS call and determine who the best person to ring to get help is, whether it is the emergency services or close family / neighbours. +
Are you worried about the digital switchover? info Are you worried about the digital switchover? Mobile and Digital Alarms will be a safer option long-term while the digital switchover happens because they don't use the landline in the home. +
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Personal alarms are perfect for older people concerned about not being able to summon help, after a fall at home or out walking, or stuck in the bath or a chair for example. Personal alarms give peace of mind to families knowing that elderly parents and relatives are safe and can call for help 24/7.

Worn as pendants round the neck,  or the wrist, personal alarms have different features for different needs.  There are broadly three main features and types of personal alarm to consider:

Mobile personal alarms – which operate much as a mobile phone does without the need of a connection via a landline; for use in the home and out and about, wherever there is mobile coverage, the wearer presses the alarm to be connected to the 24/7 call centre speaking directly through the device. The location of the wearer is built-in to the alarm technology making them easy to find.

Simple alarms for use in the home (limited range in eg the garden) – most are connected to a 24/7 call centre through a base unit attached to the landline.  The wearer presses the alarm button and will be connected to a call centre operator who will speak directly to them to determine the problem and decide next steps – call a family member or neighbour or the emergency services.

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