Lightweight Wheelchairs

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Lightweight wheelchairs are made from aluminium to keep them sturdy but easy to move. Some models also feature frames made from oval tubing which is less prone to flexing under pressure than circular tubing. These wheelchairs are more expensive than folding wheelchairs, but this does mean that they have a little more to offer, such as widely adjustable features, advanced suspension and a more comfortable ride.

What features do Lightweight Wheelchairs offer?

Adjustable Features

Ultra Lightweight wheelchairs offer a variety of adjustable features such as frame length, seat and backrest angle and seat height. Changing the seat height also changes the wheelchair’s centre of gravity, making it easier for the user to propel themselves or for an attendant to push the chair. The angle and height of the castor wheels can also be adjusted for user comfort and weight distribution.

Safety Features

There are extra safety features included with some lightweight wheelchair models such as integrated LED lights which increase user visibility when out and about or in areas of low light. These lights can detach for weight saving or charging and have 3 modes: high light, low light and blinking, each suited to various times of day. They also feature anti-tip wheels and some come with a twist lock-bar which allows for convenient and safe transport in cars.

Comfort Features

Lightweight wheelchairs also include extra comfort features such as adjustable suspension and shock absorbers which allow for a much smoother ride than standard folding wheelchairs. Padded seat and back cushions are also included as well as removable armrests which allow for user manoeuvrability and easier access to desks or tables.

What to consider when choosing Lightweight Wheelchairs

When choosing lightweight wheelchairs, be sure that the weight capacity of the chair, which can range between 115kg to 140kg, is right for you. Similarly, be sure that the overall size of the wheelchair is suitable for your needs. Some lightweight wheelchairs double as folding wheelchairs, but others don’t and would require more space at home for storage or transport.

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