Hearing Aids

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Hearing aids for the elderly are amazing tools for turning up the volume of the world around you. Sounds that are usually too quiet to hear can be made much more accessible to people who have difficulties with their hearing. These hearing aids come with different ear plug sizes for you to find your most comfortable fit as well as adjustable volume control. Some hearing aids fit over the ear whilst other ‘invisible’ models sit in the ear canal. Navigate below to compare affordable hearing aids for seniors across different styles to find the model which best suits your needs.

Types of Hearing Aids


Standard hearing aids sit in and loop over the ear to provide clear amplification to the sound around you. They feature volume control so that you can adjust that amplification to your most comfortable level.


Invisible hearing aids simply sit inside the ear without looping over so that they are barely noticeable during use. This makes them ideal for people who wear glasses as they can sit over the ear without obstruction from the hearing aid.

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