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There are various Chair Accessories which add extra comfort and accessibility to your chairs. Foam cushions reduce localised pressure and raise with the user to assist with standing, washable chair protectors absorb liquids and keep them from coming into contact with the chair and furniture raisers increase the height of chairs, sofas or tables to make them more accessible.

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What Chair Accessories are available?

Foam Chair Cushions

Foam Chair Cushions reduce localised pressure for users when sitting on chairs. The natural spring helps to raise the user as they lean towards a standing position. The cushion covers feature zip closures which allow for simple removal when washing.

Washable Chair Protectors

Washable Chair Protectors are discreet and reusable pads which protect chairs from all liquids. They are usually made from 3 layers, the first allows liquid to pass through and leave the user dry, the second absorbs the liquid with a capacity of 1 litre and the third is made from waterproof, breathable polyurethane that prevents liquids from coming into contact with the chair.

Furniture Raisers

Furniture Raisers are hard-wearing and water-resistant feet which increase the height of chairs, sofas and tables to make them more accessible. They are available in various heights and recess sizes to account for different leg widths. They can also protect your floor from scratches made by your chair legs.

Who are Chair Accessories For?

Chair Accessories are ideal for those who are looking to improve comfort and accessibility when sitting. If you have difficulties with bending down to low-seated armchairs or beds, you can adjust them to a more accessible height with furniture raisers. You may seek extra comfort and support from foam chair cushions which ease localised pressure on bones and joints. Washable chair protectors provide discreet reassurance to anyone who may have worries of incontinence or bathroom accessibility.

What to consider when choosing Chair Accessories

Chair accessories are available in a variety of colours and styles, so you can choose your favourites to suit your interior decor. Consider the specifications of each chair accessory, some foam cushions have a weight capacity for them to work effectively and furniture raisers come in various sizes, so be sure that the size you choose is suitable for whichever piece of furniture you are buying them for.