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Bath Lift Chairs help you get into and out of the bath safely and are ideal for the elderly or people who struggle with mobility and balance. Bath lifts lower you down into the bath and raise you back out again all at the push of a button on a waterproof hand controller. Most models feature high backrests and long seats for increased support, while others come in the form of inflatable bathing cushions or lifting belts. Navigate below to shop the different types of Bath Lifts and find the model that most suits your needs.

What types of Bath Lifts are available?

Bath Lifts are a very important bit of tech for people who still love a long, relaxing bath but who struggle to get into and out by themselves. These motorised or inflatable devices help lower and lift the user in the bath slowly and safely with only a button press. There are a few different mechanisms for how a Bath Lift can work.

Electric Bath Lifts

Standard Electric Bath Lifts are seats that attach to curved or flat bath floors via suction pads and move you into and out of the bath at the push of a button on a waterproof hand controller. Because of the way they attach to the bath they can easily be removed after use and stored. Many also have a backrest. 

Inflatable Bathing Cushions

Instead of rising and lowering mechanically, Bathing Cushions gently inflate and deflate to make the bath more accessible. Not only does this make it more likely the device to fit in any bath more snuggly, but you will also be able to sit a little lower in the bath than Bath Lifts. If there is not enough charge for the bathing cushion to lower you down and raise you up again afterwards, it will not operate. So you’ll never be stranded in the bath!

Bath Belt Lifts

Bath Lifting Belts are ideal for people who are looking for assistance with getting into and out of the bath but do not require a chair-style lift. Lifting Belts are operated by a simple handheld control unit and are fully retractable which allows the bath to be used with or without the belt. They also feature a handle on top to help users with stability. They are less comfortable that other options here but they get the job done simply and effectively.

Who are Bath Lifts for?

Bath Lifts are ideal for the elderly and for people who have difficulties with balance and mobility when using the bath. They reduce the need to bend as much as you would normally need to when using the bath and reduce the risk of slips and falls. They allow people to use the bath safely and independently again. 

What to consider when choosing a Bath Lift

Consider which type of Bath Lift you require. Do you need a sturdy standard Bath Lift, a comfortable and inflatable Bath Cushion or a retractable Lifting Belt? Bath Lifts range between £200 and £930, each with their own unique features, so be sure to choose the right Bath Lift for you.

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