Magnifying Glasses

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Magnifying glasses are the perfect solution to enable the elderly or the visually impaired to read small text or have a closer look at things. They are lightweight and some can conveniently fit inside a pocket or a handbag to take with you on the move. There are different styles of magnifying glass, some hang around your neck and balance on your chest for hands-free magnification while others clamp to a table or are a magnifying glass with light to aid with reading. Navigate below to find the best reading magnifier for you.

Types of Magnifying Glass

Standard Magnifying Glass

Standard magnifying glasses are the most common styles and feature a lightweight frame and easy-to-grip handle.

Pocket Magnifying Glasses

Pocket magnifying glasses are compact, lightweight and portable. They feature a protective case with a fabric interior which keeps the glass from breaking or getting scratched.

Hands-Free Magnifying Glass

Hands-free magnifying glasses are great for using whilst carrying on with reading or doing a hobby and they come in slightly different styles. There are magnifiers which are mounted on a weighted stand which clamps to tables or desks and can be repositioned to your preferred angle and height. There are also hands-free magnifiers which hang around your neck and balance on your chest.

Magnifying Glasses with Lights

LED light magnifying glasses feature long-lasting illumination with a simple switch on the handle which allows you to control the level of light shone from the glass.

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