Shop across a range of Walking Crutches for the Elderly

Crutches are ideal for people recovering from injury or surgery, who need a little bit more support than a walking stick, but not as much as a frame or rollator. They are similar to walking sticks but some feature arm cuffs which allow you to use your hands freely without the crutch falling away and others have extra underarm support and handles. All of these crutches offer stable support to anyone struggling with balance when walking. They can be a good addition to having a wheelchair as they can encourage standing up and walking when possible. Navigate below to find the crutches best suited to your needs.

Who are Crutches for?

Crutches are ideal for the elderly or for people recovering from injury or surgery. They offer stability around the house as well as when you’re out and about, helping you to maintain your independence whilst reducing the risk of falls. If you struggle with balance or leg pains when walking, crutches can help support you and relieve the pressure on your legs too.

Types of Crutch

Standard Crutch

Standard crutches feature arm cuffs which fully pivot and allow you to use your hands freely without the crutch falling away. They are fully adjustable, made from lightweight but sturdy aluminium and feature soft PVC handles which provide a comfortable grip.

Elbow Crutches

Elbow crutches are best suited to people who suffer from arthritis or have difficulties with grip strength. Elbow crutch handles rotate and lock into your most comfortable position and are mostly used for stability because your weight is taken by their cushioned forearm pads or brachial supports, instead of the handle like standard crutches.

Underarm Crutches

These crutches provide support via cushioned or ventilated saddles which fit underarm and adjust as you move. They also feature ergonomic hand grips which help you keep a natural wrist angle and evenly distribute weight across your palm. Underarm crutches are lightweight and fully adjustable for comfort with non-slip rubber ferrules for extra grip.

What to consider when choosing Crutches

Consider which type of crutch will help to support you the most. Some models may be more accommodating to people with less grip strength, whilst others may be more focused on relieving the pressure on your legs when walking. Crutches are light and their weight capacities range from 120 to 160kg, so be sure to choose the crutches with the most suitable weight and weight capacity for you to carry and lean on.

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