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Shop across a full range of technology products for the elderly

Accessible Technology for the elderly has come on leaps and bounds in the past few years. Tech is no longer only accessible to the younger generation, with thousands of products now out there designed for everyone from dementia friendly mobile phones, accessible tablets, video calling devices and much much more. Take a look through our catalogue of tech solutions across a range of categories.

Types of Tech & Gadgets to Make Life Easier

As we say, there are thousands of tech solutions that the older among us can make use of to make their lives more independent, fun and enriched.

Personal Alarms

Personal alarms are small devices worn around the neck or wrist which can send an SOS call at the press of a button or after falls are automatically detected. There are SOS buttons, automatic fall detectors and mobile alarms which can use GPS to get help sent to the wearer’s location wherever they are. They are connected to a 24/7 monitoring response team who can quickly alert family and/or friends and get help quickly.

Mobile Phones

Simple and accessible mobile phones stick to the basics of calling and texting without any of the flashy tech getting in the way. They feature clear speed dial functions which allow you to call your trusted contacts quickly and easily. Some models can even send an SMS alarm with a GPS location to these contacts to prioritise safety and reassurance to loved ones. If you want a slightly more advanced phone with all the bells and whistles we’ve also picked the most suitable ones for you to choose from.

Amplified Telephones

Amplified telephones are ideal for the elderly or for people who are hard of hearing. They feature louder ringers and receivers; some models have adjustable volumes, allowing you to find the best-suited volume for you. Like the accessible mobile phones, amplified telephones feature quick and easy speed dial functions, often with customisable photo buttons to help you easily remember which contact button is which.

Video Calling Devices

Seeing and keeping in touch with loved ones becomes much easier and more frequent when you have a video calling device. They are easy to set up and deliver clear video and audio, making them ideal for the elderly, for the visually impaired or the hard of hearing. Some models can even receive text messages, photos, videos and reminders, helping families and friends stay connected whenever and wherever they are, without your loved one needing to press a single button.

Home Monitoring Devices

Home monitoring devices help to keep your loved ones safe and provide you with reassurance, knowing that the system will detect if anything is wrong and alert you. The devices are set up around the home and monitor daily routine. If there is ever a drastic change to that routine, or there is a fall, the devices will alert trusted contacts through their smartphones who will then be able to make sure your loved one is okay and get them the help they need. And all of this without them needing to wear anything!


With so many generations of tablets out there (especially iPads!), it can be hard to find the best model suited for older people. We’ve picked models with some of the most accessible features as well as some tablets made especially for the elderly or for people with little computer experience or interest. These tablets help people stay connected to family and friends through video calling, messaging services, the internet, and photo sharing as well as some models providing entertainment through streaming services, games or news apps.


Soundbars connect to your television, providing high-quality sound which is much more immersive than standard TV speakers. Some models have dialogue sound settings which enhance on-screen voices, making them much clearer and easier to hear. They offer a range of control methods too; you can use remotes, apps or even voice recognition to control the soundbar’s volume.


Accessible keyboards simply plug in to your computer, and are ideal for the elderly or the visually impaired. They feature high-contrast keys and larger buttons which make for much easier visibility and typing. Some models even have soft-touch keys and adjustable stands which allow for more comfortable use and reduces the risk of developing any wrist pain.