Rollators & Mobility Walkers

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Rollators are lightweight walking frames with wheels on each of the legs. Most models feature a seat between height adjustable handlebars, allowing you to rest whenever you need to as well as loop cable brakes which are arthritic friendly, ideal for people who struggle with wrist strength and grip. Often there is even a small compartment below the seat so you don’t need to carry a bag around while using the rollator. Navigate below to find the perfect rollator or mobility walker with seat best suited to your needs.

Who are Rollators for?

Rollators are ideal for the elderly and people who have difficulties with walking long distances or require short breaks during walks. You can relieve a lot of leg pressure by using a rollator to help support you along the way. Unlike some standard walking frames, rollators have wheels on all of their legs which makes them more manoeuvrable and easy to push along without having to lift up to go forward. This, along with arthritic-friendly loop cable brakes, makes rollators perfect for people with lower hand or wrist strength.

Types of Rollators & Mobility Walkers

4 Wheeled Walkers

4 wheel walkers are the rollators which feature a seat in between the handlebars. The 4 wheels provide a little more stability than 3 wheel models and most models feature a bag or basket for extra storage of personal items and shopping during use. The 4 wheel walkers are the best choice if you need support during long walks or if you need to take short breaks when walking.

3 Wheel Walkers

3 wheel walkers don’t have the seat between the handlebars, but they do fold down to a more compact size which makes for more convenient storage or transport when not in use. This does also make them lighter and the 3 wheel choice makes them a little easier to manoeuvre in tighter spaces.

What to consider when choosing Rollator Walkers

Rollators come in a variety of shapes and sizes, each with different weights ranging from 5 to 11kg and weight capacities ranging from 110 to 150kg. Be sure to choose the rollator which is best suited to your needs. Consider whether you are looking for a rollator with a seat. If not, then compare 3 wheeled walkers to standard walking frames as well.

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