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Dementia clocks are ideal for people living with Dementia or Alzheimer’s or people who struggle with memory loss. These clocks for dementia patients help people feel more orientated in day-to-day life with features such as differentiating between day and night and clear, visible information on the time, day and date. Some come in the form of standard wall clocks but with days of the week instead of numbers or with rotating graphics on large displays to show whether it’s night or day. Some models can even alert reminders to hydrate or take medication. Navigate below to find the best dementia clock for you or your loved one.

Who are Dementia Clocks for?

Dementia clocks are for people living with Dementia or Alzheimer’s and people who struggle with memory loss. They help you feel more orientated through your daily routine by displaying clear and visible information at all times and differentiating between day and night.

Types of Dementia Clock

Digital Clocks

Large display digital clocks for the elderly simply and clearly show the time, date and period of day. They are available in 12 and 24 hour formats and feature internal memory which retains the date and time, so the clock does not have to be reset if it is moved.

Wall Clocks

Dementia wall clocks only show the day of the week to offer a simpler solution for people who may be disorientated by clocks that only tell the exact time. Some dementia wall clocks also feature day and night graphics which help orientate the user at all times.

Talking Clocks

Talking clocks are ideal for people living with vision impairments, Dementia or Alzheimer’s. They clearly speak the day and time at the press of a button. There are also more portable options such as talking keychains.

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