Mobility Scooters

Shop across a range of Mobility Scooters for the elderly

Mobility Scooters provide a convenient and comfortable way to travel for the elderly and anyone with medical conditions or who has difficulty when walking. 

They provide renewed independence re-opening the world around them that they may have found more difficult to access. Navigate below to shop between the different types of Mobility Scooters and their accessories.

Who are Mobility Scooters for?

Mobility Scooters are best suited to those that find walking difficult. The elderly or people with medical conditions can find their horizons broadened through the use of one of these transport aids. Each type of electric scooter provides their own specifications that suit necessary requirements. For example, Boot and Folding Scooters suit people that require assistance after travelling via car, whereas Pavement and Road Scooters suit people that require their whole journey to be covered by the scooter.

Different types of Mobility Scooters

There are 4 main types of mobility scooter that each serve a slightly different purpose: Boot, Folding, Pavement and Road Scooters.

Boot Scooter

Designed to comfortably fit into the boot of a car, these scooters are usually dismantled into separate parts with the weight of the heaviest piece ranging from 10 to 20kg. This also helps users store the scooter away in cupboards and sheds at home. Perfect for those still driving or with access to a car, as long as they or their helper is able to pick it up in its parts. 

Folding Scooter

These scooters fold into a compact, suitcase-like form for simple and convenient storage and transport with their weight ranging from 15 to 30kg. Portability-wise, Folding Scooters are similar to Boot Scooters except they fold into 1 piece rather than into small, light pieces. So these suit users that are able to pull and lift the scooter in its compact form.  Perfect for those use who a scooter in and around the home and have limited storage. 

Pavement Scooter

While these scooters lack the portability of boot and folding scooters, they boast higher battery power that can provide users with a larger traversal range. These scooters feature pedestrian area-friendly speed settings and usually come with non-marking tyres that allow for indoor use in shops as well. Ideal for trips to the local shops and smaller distances. 

Road Scooter

With speeds of 6 to 8mph, these are the faster and more sturdy of the mobility scooters and can conveniently switch between road and pavement speed settings. Some of these models also feature canopies and side-panels that transform the scooter into an all-weather vehicle. For people who are confident on the roads, and who like to travel considerable distances.

What to consider when choosing a Mobility Scooter

Before buying a Mobility Scooter, users should consider their required features. For each product we have listed key features such as speed, range, scooter weight and weight capacity for quick and simple comparisons before delving deeper into the more detailed specifications.  Where the scooter will be used should also be considered, areas with rougher terrain might call for thicker tyres with all-round suspension while busy areas may require smaller dimensions with more manoeuvrability. All of these features and specifications can be found under the drop down lists on each product page.

Some of the products we have recommended are from Wheelfreedom, a Mobility Aids provider based in the South East of England. While many of their products are available for hire nationwide, some will only be available locally.

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