Pavement Mobility Scooters

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Pavement Scooters can be ridden on pavements, in pedestrian areas and their non-marking tyres mean you can even drive them indoors too! They boast higher battery powers than Boot and Folding Scooters so they can travel further for longer. These scooters are applicable for VAT relief, so we have priced each scooter respectively excluding VAT.

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What are Pavement Mobility Scooters?

Pavement Scooters are limited to a top speed of 4mph to allow for use in pedestrian areas such as pavements or even inside shops. These scooters have a larger battery size and are sturdier than their Boot and Folding counterparts as they don’t dismantle or fold. They also feature more comfortable seating than Boot or Folding Scooters as they are designed for extended use with a further range.

Who are Pavement Scooters for?

These scooters are best-suited for people who have difficulties walking and that require transport through pedestrian areas or when shopping. Pavement Mobility Scooters are great for people that don’t need to put their scooter in the car but instead need it to travel directly from their house to wherever they need to go – maybe a short ride into and around town, to the local cafe, or around the shops?

What to consider when choosing a Pavement Scooter

Their larger battery sizes mean bigger ranges that vary from 10 to 30 miles. If you don’t need to go as far as that you may want to look into Boot or Folding Scooters, however, one can sometimes be less comfortable than a Pavement Mobility Scooters.

As they don’t fold or separate into smaller parts, you should also make sure you have space to store it at home. However, you can buy Scooter Covers to put one them so you can park it outside and it will stay protected from the elements.

You may also want to consider pavement and road conditions in your local area if you are looking to choose between Pavement and Road Scooter models although you are able to drive a Pavement Scooter on the road as long as there are no pavements to use.

Different Pavement Mobility Scooters feature different weight capacities, so be sure to consider the amount you might be looking to take on-board with you and check that you are choosing the scooter that can meet your needs.

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