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Profiling Beds feature independently adjustable head, lumbar and leg sections which enable you to find the most comfortable sleeping position to suit your needs, taking the weight off some parts of your body. You can also use these raising sections to decrease the distance you have to move when getting into or out of bed, making them much more accessible than standard beds.

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What is different about Profiling Beds?

Whereas normal beds are static and flat, profiling beds have different sections that can raise or lower electronically to suit a certain sleeping position. These adjustable features of Profiling Beds help to improve blood circulation and to ease pressure points, making them far more accessible and supportive than standard bed frames. They are operated by simple handheld controls which let you adjust your bed and find your most comfortable position, all at the push of a button. 

Who are Electric Profiling Beds for?

Electric and Low Profiling Beds are perfect for supporting aching joints and relieving the effects of conditions like arthritis. When you sleep on a standard bed, you may leave gaps between your body and the mattress, meaning your muscles are required to provide support which leads to aches and pains when you wake up. By adjusting a Profiling Bed to a supportive position, your body weight is distributed more evenly, enabling aching joints to be rested and soothed properly as you sleep. Profiling Beds greatly improve blood circulation, which helps to reduce inflammation and relax muscles to ease the pain and stiffness caused by arthritis.

Adjustable beds can also be a solution for those experiencing back pain, helping with spinal alignment and those struggling with sleep apnea.

What to consider when choosing a Profiling Bed

Electric Profiling Beds are available in single and double sizes with varying frame dimensions and styles. Consider which of those models suit your needs most alongside your desired price range. These Profiling Beds range in price from £442 to £10,495. At the lower end of the price range are standard profiling beds with basic adjustable settings, whereas the more expensive models may have unique features such as transforming into a rotating chair with re-programmable positions for improved support and even independently adjustable mattresses for couples. 

Another important thing is whether you sleep on your stomach or not. If you do then you may find that an adjustable bed is not the right solution for you.

Can I use my current mattress with an Adjustable Bed?

The short answer, annoyingly, is maybe – it depends what type of mattress you have. In general, memory foam, latex, and other non-innerspring mattresses should be fine. If you do have an innerspring mattress, if it has individually pocketed coils it may also be fine. (Waterbeds are also a no go here!) The main reason not all mattresses will work is flexibility. Without the right amount of flex it might end being more uncomfortable and damage your mattress. If you’re not sure you can contact the retailer of the bed you’re looking at.

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