Bathroom Aids

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Bathroom Aids for the elderly greatly improve health and safety when using the bath, shower or toilet and help to maintain living independence.

Some bathrooms are not as accessible as we’d like them to be and wet surfaces in bathrooms can be notorious for slips and falls. Accessories such as raised toilet or bath seats, lifts and grab rails provide extra stability and support when using the bathroom, while commodes and bidets offer discreet and dignified reassurance when it comes to accessibility and personal cleansing. Navigate below to shop the different types of bathroom aids and accessories.

Who are Bathroom Aids for?

There are Bathroom Aids that can help nearly everyone to use their bath, shower, toilet and bathroom safer and with independence. They can be especially useful for those with mobility issues that prevent them getting to the bathroom easily, sitting down on the toilet or in the bath or staying stood in the shower, or those that are less stable and more prone to slipping. There are a wide range of products that can help people with accessibility problems from Bath Lifts for people that find getting into and out of the bath uncomfortable or dangerous to Toilet Seat Raisers that reduce the amount of bending that sitting requires.

Different types of Bathroom Mobility Aids

Bath Lifts

Bath Lifts make baths much more accessible by gently lowering and lifting users into and out of the bath. There are a few types of Bath Lift that operate in different ways. There are reclinable chairs made from lightweight plastic with side flaps that allow for easier transfer. Some of these models can be dismantled for convenient storage and transport. Bathing Cushions deflate and inflate via air compressors to lower and raise the user. There are also retractable Lifting Belts that are great for people that would like assistance but do not require a chair-style lift.

Bath Seats

Bath Seats provide convenient support to those who have difficulties sitting low down in the bath or with standing in a shower. There are different types of seats that secure to the bath in different ways; some feature suction cups that firmly grip to the bath floor, others sit suspended over the bath edges or tighten with fixings to keep them in place.


Commodes offer a discreet and dignified option for those who have difficulties with getting to their toilet quickly. They are pans that are often concealed underneath seats and feature lids and handles for clean and convenient waste removal. Some are multi-use and can be used as a shower chair, a standard chair or even as a raised frame for your usual toilet seat. The most basic of commodes are a little less discreet, but can be folded and stored away as and when you wish.

Grab Rails

Grab Rails can be attached to walls to provide extra support and assistance in and around the home, especially near steps or baths and toilets. Some have discreet designs to blend in with their indoor or outdoor environment while others are clearer with fluted rails to provide extra grip for wet hands when getting in and of the bath or shower.

Toilet Seats & Raisers

Raised Toilet Seats are ideal for people who usually have difficulties when sitting down or getting up from the toilet as they reduce the distance required to bend. They come in a raised form of the usual toilet seat shape seat or as padded cushions that add extra comfort along with the raised profile.

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