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Video calling devices are perfect for keeping in touch with loved ones more frequently. They are easy-to-use tablets, screens or webcams which deliver high-quality video and clear audio, making them ideal for the elderly, visually impaired and the hard of hearing. Some models can even receive text messages, photos, videos and reminders, helping families and friends stay connected whenever and wherever they are. There is an overlap between video calling devices and tablets like iPads as the tablets offer video calling capabilities as well as a wide variety of other apps and functions. Navigate below to find the best-suited video calling device for you.

Who are Video Calling Devices for?

Phone calls and text messages are great for staying connected, but seeing loved ones’ faces when you speak to them makes all the difference. Easy-to-use devices designed to provide the best quality video calling services are perfect for anyone who wants to keep in contact with their family and friends over long distances. This makes them especially suited to the elderly who want to see their loved ones more frequently.

Types of Video Calling Device

Standard Video Calling Devices

There are specialist devices available which fully prioritise the video calling experience and let you quickly connect with your family and friends’ devices. Products like the No Isolation Komp or the GrandPad are designed for people who have little computer experience or interest and simply want to keep in touch with their loved ones. They’re really easy to set up and feature high-quality video and clear audio, making them very accessible for the elderly, hard of hearing, visually impaired and people who have difficulties with motor skills.

Apple & Samsung Tablets

There’s a seemingly endless stream of iPads and Samsung Galaxy tablets out there and things can get over-complicated very quickly! They feature full video calling capabilities as well as a variety of additional functions, such as news apps, games and messaging services, for people that are looking to get the most out of modern day tablets. Models such as the Apple 2021 iPad (9th Gen) still feature the simple Home Button which takes you back to the main screen if you ever get lost as well as plenty of internal storage for photos, videos and apps.

FAQs on Video Calling Devices


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