Folding Mobility Scooters

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Folding Scooters are great for people who want a lighter, more transportable mobility scooter and who don’t want it taking up a lot of space when storing at home.

The wide range of Folding Scooters below provide plenty of options to compare and buy. These scooters are applicable for VAT relief, so we have priced each scooter respectively excluding VAT.

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What are Folding Mobility Scooters?

Folding Scooters are mobility scooters that fold down into a smaller form for storage and transport, often into a suitcase-like pull-along so you don’t have to carry it. They should collapse and reassemble easily, usually with only one or two moves; some models even fold in seconds at the press of a remote control button, eliminating the need for users to bend down low to manually fold their scooter.

Who are Folding Scooters for?

Like Boot Scooters, these foldable Mobility Scooters are ideal for convenient transport and storage at home. Unlike Boot Scooters however, Folding Scooters compact down into 1 piece rather than 5, so they are more suited to people that prefer to transport their scooters in an all-in-one package. In that way they are slightly more convenient than Boot Scooters and take less time to get ready. However, fold up mobility scooters are often heavier than the heaviest part of a Boot Scooter after it has been disassembled and take up one big space in the boot rather than being able to fit around what you have in the boot to start with.

What to consider when choosing a Foldable Mobility Scooter

As these portable mobility scooters fold down into one compact piece, the weight of that piece is an important feature to consider. Folding Scooters range from 15 to 30kg and often need to be pulled along in a suitcase-like fashion or carried, so users must consider how much they are comfortable pulling and occasionally lifting. The folding mechanism itself is something that you may want to compare with the dismantling of Boot Scooters to figure out which method of preparing for transport or storage you would prefer.Riders must also consider their desired range and speed based on their lifestyle and surroundings. Folding Mobility Scooters have an average range of 6 to 13 miles and usually travel at a top speed of 4mph with some reaching 6mph.Along with the scooter weight, consider the overall dimensions to ensure that they meet your needs. You may require a smaller model that lets you get around supermarket aisles easier, or perhaps a larger, more robust option for longer journeys? It’s important to take note of the dimensions if you want to fit the Folding Scooter in your car boot as well.One other compromise for being able to fold is that foldable mobility scooters are often unable to support heavier weights and can be slightly more uncomfortable than other types of scooter.

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