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Wheelchairs for the elderly are a very popular type of mobility aid. They are much cheaper and lighter than their electric mobility scooter cousins, but still enable the user to sit and travel comfortably – albeit with the help from a pusher. Wheelchairs for seniors are available in a variety of sizes and colours and each model offers unique features such as swing-away footrests, padded upholstery, puncture-proof tyres and adjustable seat heights. Navigate below to find out about and compare the different models of folding or lightweight wheelchair as well as the various types of wheelchair ramp.

Who are Wheelchairs for?

Wheelchairs are ideal for the elderly, people who have difficulties with mobility or people who have suffered an injury which has affected their ability to walk. They can be pushed by a relative or an attendant or they can be self-propelled to help maintain independence. Wheelchairs are suitable for indoor and outdoor use which means there are less limitations to where you are able to go.

Different types of Wheelchair

Folding Wheelchairs

Folding wheelchairs fold to a compact size to allow for convenient storage and transport. Some models roll up into a carry bag supplied with the chair. There are self-propelled or assisted collapsible wheelchairs available, both of which are suitable for outdoor and indoor use. Folding wheelchairs fold when you pull the seat up from the top or push the seat up from the underside. The seat and backrest will fold in half and the wheels will move closer together. They make it much easier for people to enjoy a day out with their families as getting the wheelchair into the car is not a major concern. Many people even choose to taking folding wheelchairs abroad!

Lightweight Wheelchairs

Lightweight wheelchairs are made from aluminium to keep them sturdy but easy to manoeuvre, lift and carry. Some models feature frames made from oval tubing which is less prone to flexing under pressure than circular tubing. These wheelchairs offer many adjustable features, advanced suspension and a more comfortable ride.

Why would I need a Wheelchair Ramps?

Wheelchair Ramps can be placed over door thresholds or on steps to provide accessibility to both wheelchairs and mobility scooters. Threshold Ramps are ideal for wheelchair users gaining access into buildings and greatly reduces the risk of any accidents while Portable Ramps for steps are perfect for improving accessibility away from the home.

What to consider when choosing Wheelchairs

Wheelchairs come in various shapes and sizes with unique features to each model. If you are looking to store or transport your wheelchair when it’s not in use, then be sure to choose an appropriate size or one that folds down. Each model has its own weight capacity and weight, both important things to consider when finding the best wheelchair to buy for the elderly, especially if it is to be lifted and carried before, during or after us. In our lists we have included some self-propelled wheelchairs, which require the rider to move the wheels using their arms. While most older people won’t want or need this, it can sometimes be helpful to have if you’re in a tight spot. If you know you won’t need this you just need to make sure you have handles on the back so that someone can easily push or pull the wheelchair.

Price is also a major consideration as you may find that you can afford an electric mobility scooter at the higher end of wheelchair price ranges, which some people might prefer as it comes with much greater independence.

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Can I get a free wheelchair on the NHS?


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