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Boot Scooters are perfectly suited for users that get around by car. The scooters can be dismantled into separate, lightweight pieces to allow for simple and convenient transport in the boot of a car and storage away in cupboards or sheds at home. Take a look below at our hand-picked selection of car boot mobility scooters. For each item we have listed the weight of the heaviest part as this is what you’ll need to lift into the boot after it has been disassembled. These scooters are applicable for VAT relief, so we have priced each scooter respectively excluding VAT.

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What are Boot Scooters?

Boot scooters are designed to be broken down into smaller, lighter pieces so that most people are able to lift them up and fit them in the boots of their car. This enables them to be transported and used the other side of a car journey and packed away neatly. They are unlike normal mobility scooters which are heavier and can’t be broken down into smaller elements for transport. They usually split into 5 pieces: the chair, battery, front basket, deck and the back wheels.

Who are Car Boot Mobility Scooters for?

Boot scooters are perfect for people who struggle with their walking but who can drive, or have a spouse or family member who drive, and want to go further afield than their scooter will take them. The ability to dismantle these scooters makes them perfectly suited to people that travel by car so that they can use the scooter on either side of the car journey. They would be ideal for older parents who still go out-and-about on family outings and trips in the car, or who would prefer to drive somewhere but wish to use their scooter when they get there. They can enable people to remain independent, go beyond the range of their scooter, and not worry about what they’ll do at the other end of the car journey.

What to consider when choosing a Boot Scooter

The most important consideration when choosing a Boot Scooter is that the person putting it in the boot of the car can lift the heaviest piece after it is disassembled. This piece is usually the battery which can range from 10 to 20kg. It is worth bearing in mind that the lighter the battery the smaller the range.

The range of these scooters varies on average between 6 and 15 miles, enabling users to choose the distance that best suits their lifestyle.

Because of their ability to split into smaller parts, boot scooters are often a little less comfortable than their bigger cousins that can come with proper suspension and bigger wheels. So that is also worth bearing in mind. If you feel comfortable lifting slightly heavier and don’t want the hassle of taking apart the scooter every time, but you still want it to be transportable, you may also want to look at folding scooters.

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What are Boot Scooters?