Bath Seats

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Bath Seats provide bathroom accessibility for the elderly or for people who have difficulties with bending or lowering to the bath floor as well as balance when standing in the shower. They fix to the bath via suction pads or suspension and they are quick-draining and waterproof to provide secure grip during use. Some bath seats provide extra support with handles or swivel-seat features.

What types of Bath Seats are available?

Bath Seats are available in various styles. The standard seats with slats allow water to quickly drain away and are easier to move around. This is especially useful if you share your bathroom with family members who don’t require a bath seat. There are also larger seats which feature rotating chairs or transfer benches which allow for easier access into and out of the bath. There are also different fixing types. Most bath seats feature suction pads on their feet which grip to the bath floor even when wet. There are others with legs which grip to or hang over the bath’s edges, suspending the seat over the bath.

Who are Bath Seats for?

Bath Seats make taking baths or showers much more accessible and comfortable and are perfect for people who struggle with mobility and balance when using the bath or shower. The wet surfaces can be very slippery, so sitting down on a bath seat can really help you maintain your balance and keep you safe when bathing. Benches and swivel chairs are ideal if you have difficulty when bending down, stepping over the bath edge or lowering down into the bath itself.

What to consider when choosing Bath Seats for the elderly

Different Bath Seats have varying sizes, weights and weight capacity limits, so it is important to consider which seat suits your needs. Consider whether you are going to need to regularly move the seat on to and off of the bath and therefore how much weight you are comfortable with carrying. Choose a seat with the right weight capacity limit for the user and be sure that the seat is the right size to fix to your bath or shower. The style of seat is also an important thing to consider. If transfer into and out of the bath is your main concern, perhaps a transfer bench or swivel chair is best suited to your needs or, if you find it difficult to maintain balance in the shower or bath, a standard seat could be the solution.

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