Mobile Phones for the Elderly

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Accessible mobile phones are great at keeping things simple. They’re ideal for the elderly or for people who just want a basic phone to call or text with. There are no flashy features which can sometimes be confusing or over-complicated; just straightforward functions with clear and easy to read buttons. Basic, easy to use mobile phones feature clear speed dial functions which allow you to call your trusted contacts quickly and easily. There are also mobile phones for people who want all of the features of the modern flagships, but in a nicer, more accessible form factor. Navigate below to find the best-suited phone for your needs.

Types of Mobile Phones for the Elderly

Simple Speed Dial Phones

Simple phones like the Doro 780X don’t even have standard number and letter keys, instead, they feature 3 speed dial keys which you assign your most trusted contacts to. There is also a safety timer function which can automatically dial up and send an SMS text alarm with GPS location to those preset numbers in the event of an emergency.

Candy Bar Phones

Mmmmm tasty! Candy bar designs are simple and instantly accessible mobile phones with no flipping or sliding required. These models feature loud ringtones, vibration call alerts and large, clear buttons to allow for easier use for the elderly or the hard of hearing. They also feature an SOS button which can be programmed to send text alerts to trusted contacts in the event of an emergency.

Touch Screen Phones

Also known as Simplified smartphones, they are one big touch screen that users interact with directly, they also have clearer sound which makes them more accessible to the visually impaired or the hard of hearing. Most models are compatible with hearing aids, allowing the phone to automatically connect to your hearing aids whilst making or receiving calls.

Flip Phones

Accessible flip phones are similar to candy bar designs, except they flip over, stopping any keys from being pressed accidentally as well as displaying caller ID on the lid before you answer the phone. Some models feature an SOS button which sends a text message with your GPS location to up to 5 emergency contacts. The phone then automatically rings each contact until a successful connection is made.

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