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There are all sorts of mobility scooter accessories that make for a much more convenient and safe ride. Extra storage options like side bags and front baskets let you carry everything you need on-board, while lights and reflective tools safely keep drivers visible at all times. There are also plenty of weather-resistant covers and ponchos that protect scooter drivers from the elements during travel. Mix and match from a variety of accessories to customise your scooter to your needs, whilst keeping safe with every ride.

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Mobility Scooter Accessories: what to look for when buying

Weather Resistance

Waterproof and Hooded Capes and Ponchos protect wearers from the elements and keep them dry during travel. The capes have a transparent panel that keeps controls and headlights visible as they drape over the entire scooter as well as the wearer, while the ponchos have sleeves and only keep the wearer dry. There are also waterproof cosys that the user puts their legs in during travel. These are lined to keep the wearer warm as well as dry.

The main thing to consider when choosing between Capes and Ponchos is whether you would like the entire scooter to be kept dry or just yourself. Whilst the Capes ensure the controls do maintain visibility, some users may prefer to keep them completely free of cover for their own peace of mind and comfort.


Maintaining visibility at all times is so important when driving Mobility Scooters. While many scooters have lights built in you may wish to upgrade them. LED Lights and Reflective Tape simply attach or stick to the scooters to keep users visible to other drivers and pedestrians at night or in areas of low light. 

Choosing the best option depends on how much control you would like over your visibility aids. LED Safety Lights like CareCo’s BeSeen feature a flexible rubber clip which securely attaches to the scooter’s tiller bar and they can be easily switched on by squeezing buttons either side of the light. Their only downside when compared to Reflective Tape, is that there are limited places on the scooter that these lights can be attached to securely, due to their fastening method. Reflective Tape can be stuck or sewn to just about anywhere on the scooter as well as waterproof capes or luggage and they feature long-distance visibility and weather-resistant use. They are only reflective, so they don’t provide a source of light on their own. This makes them more suited to areas with more street lights or with higher traffic, as the more lights reflecting off the tape, the more visibility they provide.


Extra storage on-board Mobility Scooters can really help with those trips to the shops, carrying walking sticks or simply to store personal items. There are Backpacks that attach to the backrests of scooter seats or smaller bags that secure around the armrests, Baskets that clip to scooter tillers and Holders which keep crutches and walking sticks within arms reach.

To find the best suited storage options, consider the personal items you often take along on your scooter journeys, the shopping you need to fit on-board or the sticks/crutches that you want to store to free up your hands when driving. There are plenty of storage options for you to have the safest and most comfortable drive possible!

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