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A Commode is a toilet pan discreetly concealed within a chair frame which offers an alternative to people who have difficulties with bathroom accessibility. The pans of commode chairs are removable which allows for effective and hygienic waste removal after use. Some portable commodes fold for convenient storage, whereas others double as standard chairs and are designed to blend in with your interior decor.

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What types of Commodes are available?

Adjustable Commodes

Some Commodes are adjustable and can be set to whichever height you find the most comfortable and accessible. They feature armrests for support, padded seat covers for comfort and a clip-on toilet seat which can be easily removed for cleaning.

Folding Commodes

Folding Commodes are the most simple models, usually only including the chair frame and the commode pan with its lid. They can be collapsed down for easier storage in your home and their backrests double as convenient carry handles.

Hybrid Commodes

Hybrid Commodes act as more than just a commode. 4-in-1 Commodes can be used as standard chairs, toilet seat frames and shower chairs as well as commodes. They feature waterproof padding and feet which grip to dry or wet floors. There are also Commodes which are upholstered in coloured fabric and designed as standard chairs to blend in around the home. 

Who are Commodes for?

Commode toilet chairs offer a discreet alternative for people who struggle with incontinence or have difficulties with accessing their bathrooms quickly, especially if the bathroom is on another floor of the house. Commodes are also a safe and useful option for those who have balance difficulties and would be at risk of falling when moving to the bathroom.

What to consider when choosing a Commode Chair

When choosing the right Commode for you, be sure it will be the right size for wherever you want to have or store it in your home. Check to see if the commode can fold, this may be a useful feature if you want to store the commode away when it’s not in use. If not, then consider the features offered by hybrid commodes which can act as chairs, toilet seat frames or shower seats as well as a standard commode.

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