Walking Sticks

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Walking sticks for the elderly are walking aids which provide extra balance and stability when walking. They can fold or slide down to compact sizes to fit in a bag or on board a mobility scooter, making them a much more portable alternative to walking frames and rollators. Most walking sticks feature a fully adjustable height as well as a moulded hand-grip for accessibility and comfort. They are especially good when there is weakness on one side but not the other as you don’t need two crutches, enabling you to keep one hand free. Navigate below to find the walking sticks best suited to your height and portability needs.

Who Are Walking Sticks for?

Walking Sticks are for anyone who needs a little extra support while walking whether this is because of some pain or weakness in your leg or lower back, or just because you’re a little older than you used to be. They provide an additional, stable balance point without using both arms like crutches do. They provide the least support within the walking aids family, which isn’t a bad thing as if a walking stick is all you need you still gain the health benefits aligned with walking.

Types of Walking Stick for the elderly

Collapsible Walking Sticks

Collapsible walking sticks fold or slide down to a smaller size to allow for convenient storage or transport when not in use. They are lightweight and height adjustable to reduce hand stress and they feature non-slip rubber ferrules at the end to provide more secure grip to the floor.

Wide Base Walking Sticks

Walking sticks with wide bases are available in tripod or quadruped base options. The addition of a wider base makes a larger surface area for the stick to support you with, providing you with more stable balance than standard walking sticks. These sticks also remain standing up by themselves, so you don’t have to worry about it falling over or having to bend down to pick it up each time you let go.

Chair Walking Sticks

There are lightweight walking sticks which come with a solid plastic seat attached. The stick converts to a seat at the press of a button and can adjust itself depending on the angle of your body which provides you with a comfortable and portable option for rest when walking out and about or standing for long periods of time.

What to consider when choosing Walking Sticks

When choosing a walking stick, be sure that the one you choose encompasses a comfortable height which meets your needs. Do you need the stick to stay standing up when you let go of it? If so, then a wide base walking stick could be the best choice for you. Some sticks are suited to right or left-handed people, so be sure you’re choosing the right style for you. Also, consider whether you would like the option of a portable chair attached to your stick.

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